About Me

Addiction. Who would have guessed that I would reach a point in my life where I am struggling with addiction? Not me. Yet, here I am having disappointed everyone around me fighting a constant battle within myself.

Hello. My name is Anna and I was addicted to crack cocaine.

When I finally hit rock bottom, I figured there was nowhere left to go from here but up. I decided that it was finally time for a change. If I didn’t take action soon, I could end up dead, and that is NOT an option.

So here I am, laying out all of my demons for everyone to see. My hope is that blogging about my life and my addiction may lead to my continued recovery and inspire others to make the same choice. If I am forced to read and reread my mistakes, I can keep myself from repeating them. Let’s think of this as part of my rehabilitation.

Either way, I cannot deny the truths that stand in front of me. If I can be honest with you, then I must be honest with myself. With that being said, here is to a very long journey that lies ahead and to the very steep steps on my winding road to recovery. Cheers!


What Is This Blog About
Get to know me and why my story matters. Acquaint yourself with my reality and get to know my inner demons. If you are struggling with addiction like me, this page may help you begin your own journey.

My Acquaintance With Cocaine
This is how cocaine entered my life and when my addiction began. It gives a bit of background on me, my family and friends, and those that brought my world crashing down around me.

Is It Really Me?
I become a completely different person when I am using. You can see for yourself and understand my symptoms of addiction as well as my major mistakes and consequences.

Now Or Never
When I finally decided that I need professional help, I rallied my closest loved ones around me and began the march toward sobriety. Here you can read what lead to that decision and where I currently am in my journey, as it never ends.

Things No One Will Tell You
There are certain aspects of addiction that many people refuse to talk about. I, however, have no fear or reservations and want to disclose only truth. Read what you never knew about cocaine addiction.

We Are Not Alone
I know that I am not the only sufferer of a drug addiction. You don’t have to deal with alone. We can work together. I’ve listed a few places where you can get help like me. I also talk about my future plans and goals and my sobriety.