Have I become Addicted To Cocaine Because I Am A Woman?

Even though I overcame my addiction, I still continue to analyze what happened. Over time I stumbled upon several sources that say the sex of a person can determine their tendency to become addicted to cocaine or other drugs.

I’d never use these resources to claim that my addiction is all because of my sex, but I definitely found it interesting to look into. Something a lot of drug addicts tend to obsess over is “why me.” Like, why were we the type of people who ended up ruining their lives and bodies just to get high? How come other people can use and don’t end up as addicted as us? It’s a valid question.

Illicit drug use is common enough for both men and women. You see people of all types and ages using drugs or displaying the signs of cocaine addiction. Believe it or not, though there are factors that can contribute to who might be more likely to use a particular substance.

Cocaine specifically is a problem that seems to affect both men and women equally. Guess this type of drug that doesn’t discriminate. Lucky us, huh?

Getting addiction treatment though can be different for men and women and should be treated as such. Women and men have different needs when it comes to an addiction recovery center which is why it is a great choice to choose one that is woman specific.

Why Do Women Use Cocaine?

Obviously, there is no one reason why a woman may begin to abuse cocaine. Usually, a lot of factors contribute including their age and past history. Having a family history of drug abuse can contribute to addiction in yourself as well. Funny how that ends up working.

Mental health symptoms can also help lead you toward addiction. People who also have mental health problems are more likely to become addicted to substances as a way to self-medicate or escape from their struggles. Women, especially it seems.

Women also respond differently when it comes to using drugs. They can become addicted to drugs way more quickly than men. What a great way to be better than men, not.

Overall, I don’t believe I became addicted to cocaine because I’m a woman. I do think my addiction grew faster because I am a woman though, and that’s not something I could have predicted.

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