We Are Not Alone


The thing about fighting addiction is that you never have to go it alone. Millions of people suffer as I have. Millions of people have faced the same struggles as I have faced. Millions of people have also gotten help. Getting help with your drug addiction is the easy part. Actually being willing to receive the help is far more complex.

I was blessed with having a caring Grandmother who stuck it out with me during my recovery. Not once did she ever lessen her support, nor did she allow me to make excuses for myself or talk about giving up. She was my rock, and I am alive today because of her.

There are thousands of rehab facilities that can help you kick your addiction and lead a better life. I entered a treatment program with the Indiana Center for Recovery. They were very kind and helpful. With their counselors, I felt as if I could overcome any issue.

I did realize another way to help with recovery. Whenever I was helping a fellow addict control their addictions and emotions, I felt stronger. It seemed as if guiding a peer down the road of recovery, ensured my own march.

While I was at ICR, I didn’t go through the 12-step program alone. My support group was more than I could hope for. We all kept each other in check so that in the end, we could be proud in not just ourselves, but each other.

Feel free to volunteer in your facility. It gives you a sense of purpose and often a daily objective to complete. Helping others keeps your mind off of your own addiction and allows you to focus on bettering yourself and others.

Other Rehab Facilities

Hickory House is a highly rated treatment center that focuses on mental healing through a more holistic approach. Spiritual awareness plays a large role in their recoveries. So whether it’s through yoga or meditation, your mind will be properly prepared for the journey ahead.

Regional Mental Health is a facility that places the patients first. A friend of mine boasted about the individualized treatment plans and how they were willing to negotiate a payment plan. Their program is evidence-based and they utilize many different techniques to ensure success.

Do a bit of your own research to find a place that works best for you. Never forget that recovery begins with you. Choose a better life! You deserve it!